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Monday, January 30, 2012

Working Away

Well I have been busy working all the kinks out for the retreat in the spring and can advise that I will be mailing out to everyone a little pamphlet regarding the spring retreat. Yes I did say mailing , Amanda and I last weekend spent sometime together sorting through things and how the retreat will be this spring.

I am hoping everyone is going to be there and those that cannot attend will be sadly missed.  As mentioned previously I have the website set up to take registrations online if you wish to do it that way if not I will be sending along a new registration card for you to fill out and return, envelopes will be enclosed with your pamphlet this week.

In other news, I have been busy working on getting back to designing and tn_celtic starstitching a lot more so am putting up a couple pictures of the new designs I have done so far.  One is for the Gitta’s retreat which is as well in April and they are doing a collaboration piece , the chart is free to those who attend.  I choose to call it Celtic Star.

tn_new dragonThen after completing this piece. I could not stop designing and i went on to create a new design. Since this is the year of the dragon it is of course a dragon….. Watch Dragon is it’s name, I am also considering that I may possibly do 6 dragon designs this year and am already working on the next one.

But, while between designing a new piece I picked up and stitched a Mirabilia – Evening Primrose on Meadow and shetn_evening 1 looks great and nearly completed Elizabeth which I am doing on Parchment – boy she is a big piece but I love her.  Evening Primrose was a 2 day stitch and just something to do in between the dragon and Elizabeth.

Hopefully, everyone is taking some time to enjoy a nice relaxing evening and stitching!  Well I am off to work on your mailings!

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