The Countdown

Monday, January 30, 2012

Working Away

Well I have been busy working all the kinks out for the retreat in the spring and can advise that I will be mailing out to everyone a little pamphlet regarding the spring retreat. Yes I did say mailing , Amanda and I last weekend spent sometime together sorting through things and how the retreat will be this spring.

I am hoping everyone is going to be there and those that cannot attend will be sadly missed.  As mentioned previously I have the website set up to take registrations online if you wish to do it that way if not I will be sending along a new registration card for you to fill out and return, envelopes will be enclosed with your pamphlet this week.

In other news, I have been busy working on getting back to designing and tn_celtic starstitching a lot more so am putting up a couple pictures of the new designs I have done so far.  One is for the Gitta’s retreat which is as well in April and they are doing a collaboration piece , the chart is free to those who attend.  I choose to call it Celtic Star.

tn_new dragonThen after completing this piece. I could not stop designing and i went on to create a new design. Since this is the year of the dragon it is of course a dragon….. Watch Dragon is it’s name, I am also considering that I may possibly do 6 dragon designs this year and am already working on the next one.

But, while between designing a new piece I picked up and stitched a Mirabilia – Evening Primrose on Meadow and shetn_evening 1 looks great and nearly completed Elizabeth which I am doing on Parchment – boy she is a big piece but I love her.  Evening Primrose was a 2 day stitch and just something to do in between the dragon and Elizabeth.

Hopefully, everyone is taking some time to enjoy a nice relaxing evening and stitching!  Well I am off to work on your mailings!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Snow is here!


IMG00448-20120118-1527Well the year has definitely started off well or least the snow has fallen.  Started off with Christmas being almost green to less than 2 weeks later buried in plenty of snow.  Shovelling as I am sure many of us have had to do over the last couple of weeks has been hard, I only hope that it slows down and lets my back take a break!  Lazarus though has found the time to play soccer even though he hates to have to jump into those deep piles of snow! 

dragpmAnd,I do have to say that with all these snow filled days  I have also been a busy girl designing and crating a few new colours of fabric which I will ensure to bring to the retreat. 

Been busy putting things together for the Spring retreat and will be sending out to everyone a little something about the coming events.  Amanda and I will be spending this weekend together going over some of the details for the retreat, and will mail out a next week.  Most information will be coming by e-mail but I do want to send some by standard mail as the internet does not always make it easy to illustrate some things.

I hope everyone/s New Year’s was great and I wanted to thank everyone for commenting in regards to the fall retreat.  I had planned on putting up a survey to see what everyone felt but since everyone was kind enough to send me responses by e-mail, I find it not necessary.  I will say that the date for the fall retreat will move to the 26th to the 29th allowing us all to say money and enjoy the time stitching.

Though spring is a few months off and when I look outside at all that snow it seems like it is, but I know that is not so!  So I am off this weekend to get to work so that we can have a great Spring 2012 retreat, so I will keep everyone posted on what is coming!