The Countdown

Friday, November 18, 2011

2012 Registration

Well I am back from a lovely vacation and fast at work trying to get organized for 2012.  The time just whips by so fast that you cannot dilly and dally around!

I have finally been able to set up a registration form online for you to fill out. I have put up both a Spring and Fall registration form.  I will say that as mentioned at the retreat the price for the fall 2012 Retreat may increase, presently the registration form has 2011 prices, the spring retreat price remains as is.  Amy has not at present given me the indication of the new rate but should have it any day, once I have the rate for the fall I will change it on the registration form and advise everyone!

Filling out the forms is quite easy and you can print a copy for yourself though you cannot save the file.  When it comes time to submit there is a button at the bottom to click on then you need to save the file to email to me.  Direct submission for some reason does not yet work, if I can fix this I will advise.

Amanda is already working on all the treasures and fun and frolic for the Spring retreat, though she knows to ensure that you gals have all the time in the world to stitch.  Since everyone was great about discussing the changes we would like to see in 2012 I can say that we are hard at work making those changes possible, will keep you informed of the changes as we implement them. 

I want to thank each and everyone for the wonderful comments and feedback that you gave during the retreat.  I will ensure that whatever changes that are necessary will be taken care of, as I want to ensure that we will see you in 2012.

Registrations have already started coming in for 2012 and those who have sent them to me already, there is no need to do the online form.  Watch for more changes on the website and further blogs regarding 2012 retreats!