The Countdown

Saturday, February 9, 2013

It’s been awhile!

Thought it was time to sit down and write in the blog, and see how everyone else is fairing as well as what has been happening hear in North Bay!

As we all knew at the Fall retreat that Amanda might be going back to school for the new year, and she as at that – she is now working on getting her nursing degree, and is doing a very heavy 6 month pre-med course.  With her schedule she will be sadly missed at the Spring Retreat but promises to be there for the fall…….

As most of you know the website has been updated and changed slightly and more changes yet to come, just need to work out the kinks and bugs, and there have been a few…. Sometimes I find computers are not helpful in doing what you ask of them, lol!

Starting stitching again am currently working on 2 projects and nothing that I designed, isn’t that a little strange. Though I have to say, that since I have not been stitching for awhile  is nice just to enjoy the stitching without thinking about whether this colour works here or that!!!!


First piece I am going to finish for Janet as I promised it to her when we were at the Fall Retreat and it’s looking real good – not going to show any pictures of the stitched piece as I want Janet to have the first peek when I give it to her in April, but her is the picture from the designer –Mirabilia’s - "August Peridot Fairy"

My second piece is one of the Ink Circles -Cirque des Coeurs (Hcirclesearts) if I remember correctly Sally is doing the Circles, same as Amanda, though I thought I purchased the Diamonds but instead got the Hearts, which I am doing on my new Silvery Moon Linen with Epiphany from Carrie’s Creations – this is not my usual style to stitch but only spent 2 hours on it so far am liking it, cannot wait to see it finished – would like to say it will be done by the time we come to retreat but not to sure if that is going to happen!, but I am going to try!

And, if I am not feeling into either of these 2 pieces I continue to play in the fabric dye room coming up with new colours, though at the moment I seem a little dry since no new designs have sparked me to be creative, but there is still plenty of time before retreat for me to be creative. 

Anyway, I am off to do my Bookkeeping and then to sit back and maybe watch a movie and stitch. I hope everyone is also taking time to enjoy an evening of stitching since at the moment it is still winter out there and sitting in front of a nice cozy fireplace and stitching is a nice way to spend an evening!

Take care everyone!                                    Laura