The Countdown

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Invites to the Fall Retreat

Well since the mail strike is now over the invites to the fall retreat have been sent out.  Am starting to get the ball rolling for the Fall Retreat and hope to have lots of fun and revelry for the weekend. Registrations have already started coming in …..

Amanda is busy putting together the photos in a grouping so that i can make the booklets for each of you that attended the Spring Retreat.  The class for the fall that I will be offering I hope to have the picture up sometime in the first of August, once it’s finished.

There will be another survey in the next week or so as mentioned previously.  I am looking to get your thoughts on some new things we would like to implement at the Fall retreat. 

During the summer the court jester and his court are gathering things for us this fall… plenty of fun filled items shall be had for all!  Will be off to Baltimore in August to attend the TNNA show and will also be looking for lots of new designs and fibres that i can bring as well to the fall retreat. 

Well back to the designing board for now!